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Many industry Producers, writers, filmmakers, etc... have never heard of our production company SAA Pictures LLC, and we completely get that.

We've been around since 2014 and concentrated most of our films, tv shows, commercials, advertisements, screenplays, events, and overall business in the Midwest, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, where we thrived by creating well-known successful commercials, short films, and a slew of other projects.

Riding on that success from the Dallas production office, my co-founders/partners set up another office in New York City, followed by our Miami office.

Around late 2020 and early 2021, we built our office smack dab between Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Just to get closer to where all the action is.

But Sadly, upon our grand opening month... COVID hit. All the shutdowns and limited face-to-face interactions nearly destroyed us and all the diverse personnel in the company. We had to shut down the Dallas Location and severely limited the staff to all the other offices.

Ultimately we downsized but went full-on with the Beverly Hills Office. Our Goal... Take over Hollywood with content, films, tv shows, screenplays, and connections that would make us a Top Tier company.

Actors, Directors, Screenwriters, Producers, etc... could all come together to share the same passions, give beneficial advice to each other, collaborate, and ultimately all have the same goal... to make people happy, sad, frightened, horrified, and angry with our high-quality next-level of films, tv shows, documentaries, short films, and more.

Many who have consulted with us have moved on and made their dreams a reality

While others are still trying to make themselves known. But in the end, Two things will occur.

1) Your project will beat its very best and to the Hollywood Standard. It will be ready for the spotlight and ready to be greenlit.

2) You won't have to worry about us charging you anything. Our payment is your word of mouth to others who will ultimately help those we help. Thus a cycle of Incredible people helping other talented people will occur.

This post is because we want everyone to know who we are.

We are Saints, Angels, and Armageddon Pictures, and we would love for you to connect with us... please work with us... traverse Hollywood with us. Maybe there's something we can do for you that will take your project to the next level.

Thank you for reading!!!

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