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Well, to start, and I'm being honest, our team works great together. We usually achieve more because we harbor a positive work environment with people that care about others.

Our leadership and upper management, including myself, "try" to lead by example. We try and cultivate an environment of positive interactions from the very top to the newest hires. Every single one of us shows a willingness to collaborate.

We all have a shared vision and common goals. We understand the bigger picture and how everyone's contributions are meaningful.

Honest communication is encouraged at S.A.A. Pictures. This includes actively listening and soliciting feedback, and we try to create opportunities for open discussions.

One of our top priorities is Trust when we collaborate with talented people outside our company. We highly encourage transparency. Our staff can express their ideas, concerns, and challenges without fear of judgment or reprisal.

We bring on folks that have different perspectives and bring solid ideas to the table.

We constantly reward staff who exemplify positive values, ethics, morals, and badassery.

We train and develop people wanting to learn the Hollywood Standard. We help with their communication skills, conflict resolution, and other relevant topics that help them collaborate effectively.

We regularly form teams from different areas of expertise. This may sound weird, but it fosters a broader perspective and a more holistic approach to some of the problems we face in our industry.

We address conflicts constructively by teaching our staff how to manage and resolve disputes respectfully and constructively to prevent issues from escalating or getting out of hand.

We constantly improve and adjust by being committed at every S.A.A. Pictures level.

Our overall success relies heavily on people serious about collaborating with others and being willing to take a loss occasionally.

Thank you for reading.

Saints, Angels, and Armageddon Pictures would love it if you followed us on our journey to take over Hollywood in a positive way.

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