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To be precise, Saint Angels Armageddon Pictures assists in helping improve various types of projects submitted by aspiring and experienced writers, filmmakers, and other industry professionals. We accept Screenplays, teleplays, Novels, comics, video game ideas, pitches, EPK's, and many other forms of media needing a second and third-hand look.

"But how do you do that?"

Well... we share valuable tips and industry insights into many forms of projects related to film, T.V., and other media. Most importantly, S.A.A. shows you the Hollywood Standard. Our end goal is to showcase your expertise and your capabilities, hopefully, to the right people.

We conduct before-and-afters so that you can see whether the difference in your level has indeed increased or improved. And we show you the positive impact of our consultations.

"But, what kind of things can S.A.A. offer?"

We offer you constructive feedback that has built our trust and credibility. We collaborate with established industry professionals that lend credibility to our free services by having them join our Zoom calls and meetings with screenwriters, filmmakers, or artists. We help finance and create short, informative videos detailing your project(s). We engage with talented folks by running contests, competitions, and challenges that test your abilities. We offer and provide free valuable resources like downloadable templates, e-books, or checklists our aspiring screenwriters can use to improve their projects.

"But how will any of it help me?"

To start, we find ways for your project to increase visibility and reach by helping you create the highest quality content crucial for gaining recognition. We truly focus on developing your original project and ensuring top-notch production values. We also spotlight your uniqueness and innovation, making your project stand out. S.A.A. also helps create your potential web series, independent films, and portfolios that showcase your capabilities as a writer, filmmaker, or artist and serves as a reference for potential investors, partners, and talent.

'Where can I meet Reps from S.A.A. Pictures?"

S.A.A. is all about networking. So there's a good chance you will find us at film festivals, industry events, workshops, and seminars (live and virtual). We are very personable and approachable and love meeting like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and industry professionals like yourself. Deep down, we believe that building relationships will lead to opportunities and partnerships.

"What kind of people work with S.A.A.?"

We try to surround ourselves with talented, experienced professionals with the same intense vision and passion as us. From directors and writers to actors and crew, the people that can make significant differences and Impacts in all productions. Us having reputable people representing our production company can help us access well-known, established producers, actors, directors, and various other filmmakers. Thus... your talent and project might attract those said representatives.

"What tips can S.A.A. give me right now that can help me?"

Here are just a few tips that can help get you jump-started in Hollywood.

1) Develop a strong identity for yourself.

2) Use social media, websites, and other marketing platforms to showcase your work.

3) Spotlight some behind-the-scenes content that piques people's interest.

4) Engage with your audience and followers to build a dedicated fan base.

5) Be ever-so-present at Film Festivals and Award ceremonies whenever possible.

6) Don't be scared to submit your projects to local and international film festivals.

7) Official Selections can significantly attract attention from industry insiders.

8) Network, network, network... I know you've heard it before.

9) Prepare for setbacks and rejections at every corner. Be resilient! Learn from them.

10) LASTLY... Remain persistent and focused on your goals. Don't stay quiet!


Remember that success in Hollywood is not guaranteed. It may take several projects before your project(s) gain recognition. Always stay true to your vision and always continue to evolve as the industry changes. Adaptability, creativity, and dedication will make a lasting impression on those who that matter in the industry.


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