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Producer Spotlight

Who are they?


Producer - Screenwriter - Filmmaker

Angelo Rocha, founded 'Hazard Films' Studio on January 1st, 2024, after selling his previous successful company S.A.A. Films and its subsidiary company S.A.A. Pictures to a private party.

His mission has always been to help guide the newer generation of storytellers and filmmakers. He opened the first Hazard Films location smack dab between Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California to get closer to where all the action is.

Angelo is first and foremost an artist at heart. Screenwriting has been and will always be his true passion. He's been creating worlds and telling incredible stories for over twenty years now and it has yet to stop.

It was always his lifelong dream to be involved with the film and Television industry. Ever since watching the silent films of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton at 3 years old, which really hit his imagination hard. But then he saw his first film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves," and it absolutely blew him away. He was hooked and wanted more. His family migrated to the United States in the mid 80s, at the height of the Blockbuster Movie Revolution. He grew up in Harrison, New Jersey and watched every possible movie he could.

In High School, he even got a job at a video store just to stay involved with movies. He practically learned English because of movies and television. He joined the Army in 1998 and while in the military to get his college money for film School... September 11th 2001 happened and his career trajectory took a massive hit in the opposite direction of his intended Film School aspirations.  He NEVER once stopped loving, watching, and thinking about films and TV. He read everything he could about Hollywood and its inner workings.  Read countless Books, instructional manuals, Screenplays, etc... to learn how to properly write to proper formats.  He started and still hosts a popular weekly Radio Show called "Vet for Vets" on the Jo Co Community Radio.

He began his entertainment career by producing and putting together commercials for local manufacturing businesses and even appeared in a few of those commercials seen by millions around the world. He's humble and loves helping people. He stays low-key and under the radar always scouting for talented writers and filmmakers. He has helped guide many well-known people through the years and because of it he decided to create the one of a kind collaboration initiative where talented folks would gather on Zoom to share ideas. It's a meet-up unlike any other. Producers helping producers, directors helping directors, etc...

Angelo goes to random video chats all the time, always checking and looking for people who have drive, motivation, initiative, and great work ethic, and may be possibly down on their luck.

He's no average run-of-the mill man. He gets things done. He loves to meet and talk to people and would gladly connect with you. He's the next generation of Hollywood. You may not know him now but maybe one day you may end working together with him.

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